Viking Aquaculture’s finfish operations are managed by Molopong Aquaculture. Molopong produces fresh and frozen rainbow trout from crystal clear mountain streams in the Cape Winelands region.

In South Africa, trout is the most commonly grown freshwater fish and trout farming is a well established industry. Two types of trout are produced in South Africa: brown trout and rainbow trout. Both were introduced to South Africa for sport fishery purposes; commercial production started in the 1960s.

At present demand for trout products exceeds supply on local markets and, as such, almost the entire production is marketed locally, primarily in the urban centres of Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban. Approximately 60 to 70% is sold in the food service sector, and 30 to 40% is absorbed by the retail sector.

There are eight specialist processors of trout products in South Africa, and trout are sold in a variety of forms, from whole gilled and gutted fish to fillets and smoked fish. Marketable sizes range from 230 to 450 g plate-size fish and upward. Trout generally reach a market size of about 1 kg in 16 months in South Africa.