Tuna Marine

Tuna Marine houses the headquarters of Viking Aquaculture. Situated in the heart of Hermanus harbour on the Cape south coast, Tuna Marine provides an ideal environment for the company’s aquaculture professionals to operate their diverse activities and liaise with customers and stakeholders across southern Africa and beyond.

There are extensive holding tanks, packing and grading facilities at Tuna Marine and it is here that live, wild caught rock lobster and abalone, and cultured abalone, are prepared for market.

Sorting and grading of live abalone harvested from the Buffeljags Abalone Farm takes place at Tuna Marine and a proportion of the harvest is also canned at the facility. Tuna Marine is the site of one of the original canneries in South Africa and the cannery continues to meet the very highest food safety and quality standards. Currently, limited quantities of dried abalone are produced at Tuna Marine, but there are plans to market this form of abalone as soon as the production of the Buffeljags Abalone Farm increases.