Viking Aquaculture

With aquaculture operations spread across southern Africa, Viking Aquaculture is well placed to bring its customers the freshest and highest quality farmed seafood products, including:

  • Premium quality live, canned and dried abalone
  • Live oysters, grown in pristine waters off Namibia and South Africa
  • Live mussels from a sheltered bay on the west coast of South Africa

The Buffeljags Abalone Farm’s wind turbines generate power for pumping fresh seawater through the farm. It is the only company in South Africa to be meeting its energy needs in this way.

Our People

Viking Aquaculture is a young and dynamic company that has attracted some of the most knowledgeable and experienced aquaculturists in South Africa. Consequently, considerable skills transfer is taking place on our farms, with aquaculture professionals imparting knowledge and skills, usually to young, unskilled or newly qualified South Africans.

The companies that make up Viking Aquaculture collectively provide 300 jobs and this number is expected to continue growing as the company completes the development of the Buffeljags Abalone Farm, expands into sea cage farming and increases production at its oyster and mussel farms.